• Jonathan P. Dowling

    Hearne Professor and Co-Director, Hearne Institute for Theoretical Physics

  • Hwang Lee

    Associate Professor and Deputy Co-Director, Hearne Institute for Theoretical Physics

  • Omar Magana-Loaiza

    Assistant Professor, Experimental Optics and Photonics

  • Mark M. Wilde

    Associate Professor, Hearne Institute for Theoretical Physics

Postdoctoral Scholars

PhD Students

  • Narayan Bhusal

    Quantum sensing, quantum control, and optical communication using OAM

  • Anthony Brady

    Quantum optics, the interface of quantum mechanics and general relativity

  • Arshag Danageozian

    Modeling the environment noise on an NV center qubit using coherent population trapping

  • Stav Haldar

    Quantum many-body systems, interface of general relativity and quantum optics

  • Kevin Valson Jacob

    Quantum process tomography, quantum metrology, quantum optics

  • Vishal Katariya

    Quantum information: communication protocols and thermodynamic aspects

  • Eneet Kaur

    Quantum information, quantum optics, and quantum computation

  • Sumeet Khatri

    Quantum cryptography, quantum networks, quantum computation, and open quantum systems

  • Margarite Laborde

    Quantum computing, quantum machine learning

  • Elisha Siddiqui Matekole

    Quantum metrology, quantum optics and communication

  • Paras Regmi

    Quantum optics, quantum information, and quantum computation

  • Safura Sharifi

    Computational quantum optics, nanophotonic materials, stochastic optimization, and machine learning

  • Kunal Sharma

    Quantum computing, quantum information theory, and quantum information with continuous variables

Undergraduate Students

  • Aliza Siddiqui

    Quantum teleportation, quantum networks, quantum computation and information

Former Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Xiaoting Wang

    quantum optimization, quantum control theory, quantum information

  • Thomas Cooney

    Mathematics (especially functional analysis) and applications to quantum information theory

  • Moochan Kim

Former PhD Students

Associate Members